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Eric Cortes

I found it interesting how these big companies spend big money to do research on what is "cool" with the youth because they are large group of our population that are huge influencers and if they can get their attention they can make a good profit from them. It was so difficult for them to research what is "cool" because that is constantly changing and can't really identify it but they could see to try to find patterns.

Heidi L Jarvis

I also found it interesting how they wanted to find what was 'cool'. Which, inherently is uncool to do. I think you can't really know what is cool until you see how the group of people you are targeting react. It would be very difficult as a company of any kind to stay on top of trends.

Yousef Sindi

One interesting thing I realized from the documentary is that companies will go as far as trying to act cool with the youth and be on the same page as them when in reality, they are mainly doing it just for the money.

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